Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Thirty years ago I met this tall,slender, quiet brunette in the post office of my college. To be honest, that was about all I noticed about her at the time. She was very, very quiet. She also embarrassed easily, as I found out a short while later when I did my very best Elvis "Happy Birthday" impersonation to her in the student center.

That would have probably been the end of things if it weren't for the efforts of another girl that I met that day. She encouraged me to ask the brunette out, which I did, and then encouraged me to ask her out a second time.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Today marks the twenty-sixth anniversary of the day that brunette said "I do." Twenty-six years is a long time for just about anything. If we were a car we'd qualify for one of those "antique" tags....But for us, well, me at least, things still seem fresh and new. We've never had a lot of anything, except for kids, and probably never will. That used to bother me, but I've learned that there are some things that are far more important than stuff. My wife is the one that taught me that. And that's just one of the things she's taught me.

There has been lots and lots of laughter along the way and more than a few tears, but through it all she has been central to my life. A friend from college tells me that many of our friends knew that we belonged together from the start. "She completes you" another of our friends says. I think that puts it well...."she completes you." I cannot imagine my life without her. She has become my best friend, my running buddy, my strength and compass. She's not perfect, that's my department (haha!), but she's perfectly suited for me.

She has never been able to see herself the way that I do. Her strength, creativity, and ingenuity are lacking in her sight, but amazing to me and to others who know her. She's raising six kids and a husband (I'm sure the last one is the hardest)and somehow doing it without losing her sanity. Now THAT'S impressive.

The world may not think that today is a very important day, but to me it is of supreme importance. When that young woman said "I do" twenty-six years ago today she set me on a course far greater than any I could have ever imagined for myself. Thank you Lyndra, for twenty-six exciting, adventurous, fun filled years. Here's to many, many more.

I Love YOU!

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  1. Perfectly stated! One of the sweetest things I've ever read. Thanks for sharing, y'all!